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Scorpio Sonia

"The Gold Saint of Judgement and Discipline" (VA: Aya Hisakawa)

The first daughter of Mars, raised by Medea to be a Head Marsian, a sister, as well as protector of Orion Eden, Sonia finally received her final destiny as the bright star Antares, the Gold Saint Scorpio, just like the myth between Scorpio and Orion. Unfortunately, eventually her wavering cosmos due to her inner struggle couldn’t handle the Gold cloth. The cloth left her as she was about to unleash her deadly attack, it turned into suicidal. Lionet Souma awakened his seventh sense, while desperately trying to rescue her, but somehow she saved him instead by taking all the blow to herself. Once fated as arc-enemies upon killing his father Kazuma, Sonia finally left the world in peace by Souma’s side, revealing that she simply wanted to be with his ‘true’ father.
Appeared in 20 episodes: 02, 05, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28 (Recap), 35, 39, 40 (Death), 41 (Dead), 45, 46 (Flashback)

Introduced early in the show (episode 2 but fully revealed in 11)… Sonia’s connection with Souma finally ended in the Scorpio Temple, as the 2nd female Gold Saint in the whole franchise *applause* …though for only such brief moment. Her somewhat ‘promotion’ was accepted with HIGHLY mixed receptions by fans, that I was even tempted to have my own deduction, to see if it was actually make sense especially in terms of storytelling. None of that matters anymore though, cause her fate ended in episode 40 in a very heart-wrenching way, sacrificed like a mere unworthy pawn by Medea. Kinda wish she would’ve survived and changed side to become a true Athena Saint… Gosh, my deepest sympathy for her T_T
NOTE: Similar to Genbu’s, I just realized the description for Sonia was an outdated description (probably occured during the Tumblr transition stuff? Can’t tell why… the new description I already saved was gone). So, if you’re reading this note, I’ve already made a minor update for this post…

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