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Dynasty Warriors 8 Weapon Completion Tips

Well, considering I’ve spent (too much) time by continue playing this game (just) to collect all weapons, I figure it would be such a waste if all those efforts went all for nothing. Now I’m not sure if anyone in tumblr would be reading this, but I decided to share some tips in collecting weapons for playable officers which will unlock one of the most difficult achievement ever. Yep, you got me there, I’m too lazy to sign in on a game forum JUST to post this, so there you go, take it or leave it. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m already at my 90s and keep adding up, and here’s how I manage to get there:

FYI, each playable officers/weapon type will have 1-4 circle weapons (which you can get by visiting the Blacksmith in Story/Ambition mode), rare 1-3* Weapons, and the final 5* Weapons which can only be obtained through particular challenge (whether it’s timed, or condition based). 

For the 5* Weapons:

  • Don’t hesitate to use an online walkthrough, here’s a VERY recommended one because it helps a lot by guiding you what to do and what not. Some of the challenges are just plain ridiculous, it will fuse your temper and will force you to re-try again and again (even when you’re using a walkthrough). So, put down your pride and do NOT hesitate to use some help when it’s available…
  • You can only get the 5* weapons in HARD (or CHAOS if you prefer… NOT recommended) difficulties. It is recommended to do this in FREE MODE because some challenge will not be feasible in Story Mode.
  • Interim save often, whenever you can kill one officer the quickest or pass one objective, especially for the timed challenges. There’s a time indicator that counted down from 59.00.00 when you open the Start Menu. If you think you have lost quite amount of time and will not make it, don’t ever hesitate to just start over from the beginning.
  • When a "discovered a treasure" message is on, DON’T forget to get the weapon (yes, I did forget them several times, causeing me to repeat the whole process all over again). Abandon your mission if you have to, because the outcome of the mission itself doesn’t matter… just don’t get defeated. If you have too much already, just discard the ones that are useless for you.
  • Get Lu Bu’s 5* weapon and one of his 4 circle one that is not Heaven-type. I don’t like him as character, but his weapons come REALLY handy because they are (ridiculously) overpowered and has the ability to butcher armies and officers in plain seconds. I use them for obtaining the rest officers’ 5* ever since I got them, and it made life MUCH easier. His challenge will be a bit hard and forces you to try again and again, but it is well worth it. Oh, and make sure you use Red Hare or the fastest animal you have for the job, to maximise the opportunity.
  • Recommended NOT to discard/sell these weapons, cause it means you will need to go through all the trouble to get them again. It’s not rare, but trust me, going back to do the challenge all over again is a pain in your butt.

For those rare (pesky to find) 1-3* weapons:

  • You don’t actually need to play in hard difficulty (normal is fine, heck, even at beginner I got one), though it is said that you will have higher chance to obtain one in hard. You simply need to be in high-level stages (refers to the last ones in each kingdom’s storyline, both historical or hypothetical).
  • Equipped the skill Fortune Hunter, preferably in level 6-7. It is said that it will increase the chance of getting one, though I personally haven’t gotten better luck with it (because my skill is still 2).
  • Make and keep a memo/note, listing the names of the officers you have completed. It might sound unnecessary but it actually helps a lot.
  • Aim for playable officers and ignore the NPC ones. When you defeat them, they will drop their EX-Weapons (in form of the weapons themselves). If you haven’t complete theirs, get it… if you have, you can ignore it or just get it just in case it’s a better version compared to the one you already have. You can sell them for extra Golds as well…
  • However, pay good attention: sometime they will drop a treasure box instead (especially those whose weapon set you’ve completed), don’t ignore those and totally GET IT! It WILL contain random * weapons used by other characters, and not only from the same faction but from others as well. Nope, I’m NOT kidding! I’ve completed Wen Yang, Zhuge Dan and many others that way, without even defeating them in person. This really saves you extra time. From my personal experience, I got them quite frequently (almost every replay) from Zhou Yu/Lu Meng in Jianye stage (Wu vs Wei), Lu Xun in Fan Castle, and random characters in Capture of Wei (Wei Troops) though any other non-NPC officers will probably has the same success rate.
  • Something I just discovered very recently (yesterday!). Try to one-hit-KO playable enemy officers! It will increase the chance of them dropping their/others special weapons. I’ve been using Lu Bu’s 2nd Musou attack in normal difficulties to do so, and so far I’ve completed Guan Xing, Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei weapon set by one-hit- KO-ing them in Capture of Wei.
  • Don’t EVER think of discarding/selling these weapons. They are rare, and chance of you getting a new one of the same type will be very very low. These are collectibles, treat them like gems (although they don’t actually worth one).

So there you go, I hope it will be helpful to those who… find it helpful or even give a damn about it hahaha. Just in case you didn’t notice, I posted 4 sets of weapon pictures above (how on Earth would you missed them anyway), and yep… those are the sets from my favorite character of each Factions. Can you guess who they are now? ;D Nope, I don’t have any for the Others one, so I’m not including any from that one. Thanks for reading… (if you do), and have a great time farming Weapons!!! XD

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