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These are images I captured from Thor: The Dark World bluray extras: the first one is from the "Gag Reel" while the 2nd one comes from "A Brothers Journey Pt.2".

It might seem normal, nothing big… however the big question would be… was this particular scene exist in the movie? I just watched the full movie again, and Thor never ever wore ‘earth’ clothings like that, while Jane never looked that casual as well. The scene is not included as one of the deleted scenes too.

Ookaaay, so this is just me ‘speculating’ (so don’t take my words as valid)... but could we be seeing a scene that’s going to be included in Avengers: Age of Ultron? We all know Joss Whedon was present for a brief moment during the filming, and considering this is obviously NOT from the 1st movie (Thor’s hair)… where else would we see Thor back in daily clothings, right? Hmmmm….    

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    omfg thank you! I didn’t even realise what it was that bugged me about Jane in movie #2. The bitch of it is that if only...
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    I couldn’t agree more. I like the character of Jane more in the first movie. Because she’s passionate about SCIENCE....
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