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I have to admit, the latest episode (#23) disappointed me. Though it had some great shots (the close up shots, in particular Koumei Ren), the animation quality was arguably ‘unbalanced’ throughout the runtime. Disappointing because this episode could’ve / should’ve been awesome, since it’s adapting an awesome chapter. Yes, I know the manga itself was not perfect, but that’s not an excuse to make these sloppy animation in the anime version. Here’s a comparison with the manga (chapter 188), just for fun…

And probably just me, but the 2nd season/half of animes I’ve seen so far (Magi, SSOmega, SpaceBros, SamuMenco) have a somewhat lazy animation quality. Did the staff outsourced their job to unskilled interns to draw these now, or they ran out of budget during the first episodes, or they just think it’s not worth their current paycheck? Hmmm….

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    I agree but "the manga itself was not perfect" ??!?!?!?! How on earth can you say such a thing ? The manga is perfect...
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